Messages improved

A white-labeled RCS/SMS messaging client for operators/OEM’s



All OTT features

AI assistant & analytics



Own The Most Valuable Technology

Preinstall your own advanced messaging app

White-label solution

Messages Improved is a feature-rich, customizable RCS/SMS messaging client built for operators/OEMs. By white-labeling or promoting a market-ready app, our advanced messaging platform provides operators the ability to create and maintain control of the messaging ecosystem and retain the relevance and revenue they’ve lost due to over-the-top (OTT) messaging solutions dominating the market.

Messages Improved features

Upgrade to the stock SMS texting app that can be white-labeled and preinstalled on all Android phones

Only independent alternative to Google's Android Messages with SMS and RCS

Based on existing app, Mei, highly rated (4.4 stars) from approx. 1 million consumer installs in Google Play

AI-powered throughout, enabling advanced text-based search, discovery and contact management

B2C, analytics, microtransactions, and targeted advertising campaign platform built-in

Enabling monetization of your subscribers via messaging immediately


RCS is enabling carriers to start reclaiming the messaging market lost by SMS. Currently, Google is the RCS leader and they are gaining share by preinstalling Android Messages. With Messages Improved, we have developed our own RCS implementation with expectation to interoperate: 

  • Like Android Messages, RCS between users, falling back to SMS when there’s a non-user
  • Interoperate with Google’s RCS or any other implementation
  • Interoperate with Universal Profile RCS once that gains more adoption globally

start MONETizing immediately

Increasingly, the messaging app is becoming the portal to 3rd party content and service providers – like the browser is the portal on the desktop. Enabled by AI, match users with brands and services they are looking for and monetize messaging.

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  • Incremental ARPU/Upgrade to the preinstalled SMS app
  • RCS & market-tested answer to OTT apps
  • Advertising and other service revenue & experimentation
  • Control & customization of product
  • Minimal risk and cost
  • Entry to chatbots


  • Better messaging experience
  • Free RCS/OTT messaging
  • Consumer-tested
  • Highly-rated
  • Potential for phones not
    serviced by other apps
  • Optional AI for better user experience and matching services/products
  • Ability to earn Huawei Pay credit by engaging with services/products


  • Users/distribution
  • Ad revenue
  • Partner for development