About Messages Improved

We’re a dedicated team of dreamers and creators with curious minds trying to help others become better communicators. Our team, based in New York City, has spent several years building tools to aggregate, analyze, and understand texting communication.

"At Messages Improved we're committed to improving your subscribers experience and believe RCS is the future of messaging."
- The Team


It all started in 2016 with an app called Crushh, which analyzed text messages to determine how people felt about each other, usually in a romantic context. To do this well, we had to collect users’ full history of text messages (with their consent) across all of their contacts, so we could establish the user’s baseline texting behavior. This allowed us to analyze changes in communication patterns over time. Our app was then able to show users how the balance of a relationship evolved. Shortly after we launched Crushh in the Google Play Store it became the number 1 dating app in US and was featured in hundreds of articles, including 3 of the world’s top 10 publications.

However, we knew the data we collected could have applications outside of romance, even beyond relationships in general. In 2017, we started building our next app, a messaging app called Mei, which has a real-time relationship AI assistant. In addition, we knew that texting on Androids were out of date and decided to build our own implementation of data messaging. If messaging another user, it would recognize that and send via data messaging, but if not, fall back to SMS. We also made it end-to-end encrypted, just like iMessage. In early 2019 we adapted our model to the RCS standard, so if a user’s contact also use Messages Improved (or an RCS 2.0 enabled app) and connected to the internet, messages will be RCS (Rich Communication Services). If not, it will fall back to SMS/MMS. As others open up their implementation, we will make our app compatible.

Core Team

Core team of 6, mainly in NYC with contractors/developers abroad.  

We maintain an outside advisory panel of experts in AI, communication technology, behavioral health and sociology

Founder/CEO and data analyst

Es Lee

Spent 10+ years in data analysis and quantitative modeling/research, leading him to believe many things can be revealed by simply looking at the data. Es has a B.A. in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Head of Marketing/PR

Lise Hanssen

Lise received her Master’s in Communication Arts from NYIT in 2016. With 8+ years of experience, she successfully led the branding initiatives for Crushh and generated over 100+ media coverage in 2017 across the world.

Front End Developer

Javier Gonzalez

Javier is an Android developer with more than 10 years of experience in Java development – including BlackBerry Java JDE, Eclipse for Android and Android Studio. Javier built many of the innovative features found in Mei.

Back End Developer

Alexandra Patz

Alexandra is a software developer with 12+ years of programming experience, in the fields of finance, astrophysics and messaging. She has extensive experience in Java, Python, SQL, and Django and working on AWS.

Back End Developer

Mücahit Senol

Mücahit received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Istanbul, and has experience in Java, Python, PHP and Django. He started coding in High School and has developed web and desktop applications ever since.

Marketing/public Relations

Chi Iregbulem-McGrath

Chi has 10+ years of experience in the Marketing/Public Relations field. She has managed relationships with media, creative, and PR agencies on the client side, but also worked briefly on the agency side.