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Consumers increasing prefer to message with businesses, especially if they can get immediate response.  With 90% of text messages (SMS) read in the first 3 minutes, it makes sense for your business to have a chatbot.

Our platform allows you to create a custom SMS bot in under 10 minutes without requiring a line of code or developers.  It’s free to try and works with all your existing services.

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Chatbots are programs that can automatically respond to customers using a scripted response or AI.  There are several channels for chatbots including within websites, SMS, or on popular apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Out of all these channels, SMS, also known as text messaging, is the best way for businesses to reach all their customers.  It doesn’t require your customers have or download a messaging app, because SMS is built into every phone.  SMS bots make it easy to send mass text messages to a list of contacts, something that’s impossible if you just rely on a chatbot within your website. 

It’s simple to personalize SMS bots that can be used to start interactive, two-way conversations.  When customers require a human, the bot can connect them with your customer service.  SMS bots are also a high-engagement channel for sending marketing promotions and sales updates to leads and customers.  90% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes.

What We OFFer

  • The easiest way to get started on using AI chatbots
  • Self-serve platform or assisted building of your custom SMS bot 
  • Zero or low-cost to start
  • Entry into conversational AI where all future customer service can be handled by your bot
  • Mass 1-to-1 messaging to all your customer lists
  • Option for richer media (picture/video) or web-based link
  • Dashboard and analytics

Easy to use chatbot builder

Creating an SMS chatbot with our intuitive builder is as easy as ABC – no coding or previous chatbot experience required. To start, just sign up for a free account and start building. 

Here’s how to build an SMS bot in our desktop portal in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to our visual builder page:
  2. Sign up with your phone number and enter the 6-digit code you receive
  3. Once signed in, go to “Create Activation”
  4. Add interaction by selecting either “Open Ended” or “Multiple Choice”
  5. Once you’re done creating your bot, pick a name and click “Submit Bot”
  6. “Deploy Bot” to get assigned a telephone number and to activate the bot

And voila, you’ve created an SMS bot!  Now text the number you get assigned to try out your bot.  Then let your customers know to text the number.



You can add two different interactions to your chatbot: “Open Ended”, which let your user/customer answer whatever they want or “Multiple Choice”, which you – as the creator – choose the answer options. When you add interactions to your SMS bot, you will see it show up in the grid. You can edit the text whenever you want by clicking on the interaction you want to change.

When you’re done adding interactions, name your chatbot and click “Submit Bot”. Your chatbot is now saved and you can edit it before it goes live. To get assigned a phone number and activate the bot, just click “Deploy Bot” on the right and your bot is now live and your users/customers can text it.