SMS Chatbot Creator

Consumers are increasingly engaging with brands through the phone. As 90% of text messages are read in the first 3 minutes, it make sense for companies/brands to communicate with their customers/clients through text messages via an SMS bot.

Our SMS chatbot let you send text message blasts to subscribers and have automatic conversations via text message.

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An SMS bot is software that sends and responds to messages in SMS, also known as text messaging. Text messages are instant and easily accessible, making SMS bots a scalable solution for businesses of all types to provide real-time updates.

SMS bots make it easy to send mass text messages to a list of contacts. It is simple to personalize SMS bots that can be used to start interactive, two-way conversations that don’t require customers to download or access a new app. SMS bots are a high-engagement channel for sending marketing promotions and sales updates to leads and customers. 

SMS bots also make it possible to scale customer support via text, allowing customers to get order updates and make purchases. SMS bots can be programmed with smart responses for subscribers to ask questions or retrieve instant information. 

What Messages Improved Are Offering

  • Gateway for businesses of all sizes to promote to engage with customers without needed them to download an app
  • Advanced text-/SMS-based chatbot platform allowing custom interactions, real-time analytics & response-based flows
  • Zero or low-cost activations with immediate and long term returns in increased sales, customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Cloud-based platform for bulk 1-to-1 messaging and language processing/analysis
  • Messages as SMS with option for richer media (picture/video) or web-based link
  • User-friendly dashboard for creating an activation flow where each flow can be a custom multi-interaction experience, branchable by logic or AI


We’re offering two ways to create an SMS chatbot; on desktop or in our app (Android). Creating the activation flow is simple on both platforms and you have the ability to edit during activation, allowing for dynamic interactions. We’re also offering analytics with real-time results, which is accessible by any participating brand or designated administrator. It will be available in our web portal, in the app or as an emailed report.

Here’s how to build an SMS bot in 5 steps:

  1. Download our Android app (Messages Improved) or create an account on our website (Beta Version)
  2. Get second number to use while sending promotional messages
  3. Use our visual SMS bot builder
  4. Upload your contact list (coming soon)
  5. Create an SMS blast
    Add SMS and MMS content with content widgets
  6. Add conversational Q&A triggers to program smart bot responses