The Future of Messaging

The messaging app is becoming the “everything” app on the phone and every tech giant is racing to own the most popular one. We offer device manufacturers and mobile operators the ability to white-label and preinstall Messages Improved as default on all Android phones. By enabling operators to upgrade their SMS service to a richer messaging experience, Messages Improved is putting the operators on an even playing field with other over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps today.

Messages sent via WIFI vs. cell networks

End-to-end encrypted RCS for secure messaging

Send large, high-res images and videos

Better group chat capabilities

Typing indicator and read receipts

Send longer messages with 8000 characters limit

what is rcs?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a type of messaging protocol that will upgrade and replace SMS. RCS will allow for improved media handling via Android messaging such as high-resolution photos, GIFs and videos.

Similar to iMessage, users are able to see when a contact is typing a message and when they have received a message when both use RCS.

RCS will replace SMS and finally allow Android phones to compete with iMessage and over-the-top messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat. Think of it as iMessage for Android.


RCS creating an opportunity for network operators and OEMs



Most common initial RCS strategy

Android Messages

Pro: Fast, with market ready app Con: Lose control and $ opportunities


Joint venture & white-label new app

Pro: Maintain control and opportunity Con: Significant investment of $/time Con: Execution risk

How to build an
rcs chatbot

Soon, a chatbot that communicates through RCS will be the equivalent of the website to every consumer-facing business.  Business owners can tremendously benefit from being an early adopter. You can get started in several ways, from programming it yourself, to using a third party, to completely outsourcing – similar to the options for creating a website.

We’re working on ways for Messages Improved to help you with this, but in the meantime, here are some resources to help you get started.

What have we built?

Messages Improved is the first independent SMS app to launch RCS. This will enhance the advanced messaging features we already offer (such as Folders and Blast Messages). Rather than slowly rolling out to some users, we now offer RCS to all Android users on Messages Improved.

You will be able to send larger videos, higher quality pictures and GIFs to other Messages Improved users. We will be adding in typing indicators and read receipts shortly.

To begin with this will only work between Messages Improved users, but as soon as Google and/or the carriers share their APIs, it will work with other messaging platforms that support RCS.

End-to-End Encrypted RCS

Messages Improved’s RCS is the first end-to-end encrypted RCS on the market. This means we can offer you the improved messaging functionality of RCS, along with a more secure messaging protocol. Messages will only be encrypted when sent between you and another Messages Improved user and you are both using RCS.

How do I use RCS on Messages Improved?

If you use Messages Improved and have RCS turned on, Messages Improved will automatically try and send a message/picture/video via RCS. If you are outside of a connectivity area (no WiFi or LTE) and/or the person you are texting doesn’t have RCS on Messages Improved activated (or has no connectivity), the message will automatically revert back to SMS.

All you need to do is make sure you have RCS turned on in Settings:

Settings>Account and Advanced Features>Data Messages (RCS)

Once activated, RCS will be the new default between you and other Messages Improved users and SMS the fallback.