Messages Improved

Messages Improved is a feature-rich, customizable RCS/SMS messaging client built for operators/OEMs. By white-labeling or promoting a market-ready app, our advanced messaging platform provides operators the ability to create and maintain control of the messaging ecosystem and retain the relevance and revenue they’ve lost due to over-the-top (OTT) messaging solutions dominating the market.

End-to-end encrypted RCS

Voice messaging

Custom Folders & Labels

Audio/Video Calling

Schedule Messages

Color Personalization

Modern Messaging

All the features you’d expect from the default texting app

Switching between RCS and SMS

Full range of personalization

Scheduling, expiring and disappearing messages

Automatic folders and filtering

With next generation features

Everything you’ll need to be the ONLY messaging app on the phone

Import from other apps

B2C / A2P

Advertising & B2C / A2P Monetization


the stream

Once enabled in Settings, there is a “stream” attached to each conversation. The stream combines the best of social media and the internet, where your subscribers are given recommendations for content, answers and information related to their conversation, but in a separate screen so it’s not annoying. Just swipe left to access it.

discover Campaigns

Messages Improved can turn each message into a classified ad and match users to someone on the other side. For example, if a user text a contact “I’m subletting my apartment” or “I’m a developer looking for work”, the user can “ask others” via campaigns. When others text about something that matches the user’s campaign, they are able to see the campaign in their stream.

creating Campaigns

Your subscribers can create a campaign just by tapping the “ask others” option in their message. Or go to the “Campaign” tab and tap the “+” sign in the bottom right corner.

When your subscribers engage with campaigns, they’re rewarded with credits that can be used to add data from the mobile service plan.