Property Management Chatbot​

If you host or manage rental property, you know there are frequent interactions with your guests that don’t require you to chat in person, like checking-in/-out or getting the wifi information. The best way to manage these communications is with a text message (or SMS) chatbot. Unless it’s an emergency, your guests probably prefer texting anyway.

Conversational AI: Right now, your bot is pretty basic and the interactions are determined by you. As your guests and you interact, the bot platform has the ability to remember all the common requests and responses and, over time, use AI to suggest personalized replies to them. This creates a foundation for having the ultimate AI concierge for your property.

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  1. Sign in with your telephone number

  2. Start a custom bot flow from scratch or clone an existing one

  3. Name your bot

  4. Hit “SUBMIT BOT” to create the bot, then “DEPLOY BOT” to assign a telephone number

  5. Your bot is live and you can test it by texting the number you get assigned

  6. If you want a QR code, you can set it up here: