Advertising via Messaging

Increasingly, the messaging app is becoming the portal to 3rd party content and service providers – like the browser is the portal on the desktop. Our native RCS/SMS messaging app works as a publishing channel for advertisers, but has a built-in AI that matches users with brands and services they are looking for – at exactly the right time.

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Today’s consumers have shifted their usage and consumption patterns towards digital channels, and more importantly, the messaging app. And as more traditional ad spaces such as Facebook’s News Feed and Google search get more competitive, marketers are looking for other cheaper but effective options. As advertisers have to follow the mantra of going where the consumer is, it’s no doubt that monetizing messaging will continue to be a focus area as digital advertising continues to spread its wings and follow platforms where consumers are spending their time.

Messaging is the number 1 activity on the smartphone and the advertising potential is 10x bigger than on social media and search. Why? The messaging history is filled with intents for goods and services. Then the question is, why isn’t anyone doing it? Messaging has resisted traditional, interrupted advertising for a very obvious reason: It would be super annoying. But there are other ways to monetize messaging without ruining the experience for the consumer.

Introducing: The Stream

Turn every message into search

Like the social media "feed" but relevant to the conversation

Incentives for all parties

At exactly the right time

Next to the conversation, so not disruptive as in-stream​

Gateway to chatbots

Advertise in Messages Improved

Messages Improved comes with a built-in AI that can turn each message into a classified ad and match users with brands, products and services they are looking for in real-time. For example, if a user text a friend “I’m looking for a new computer bag” and Nordstrom is running an ad for computer bags in our app, the ad will show up in real-time in the user’s Stream – which is located right next to the conversation.

How does it work?

Messages Improved has a built-in targeted advertising platform that makes it quick and easy to create an ad for advertisers. Just go to the “Campaign” tab and tap the “+” sign in the bottom right corner. You’ll get an option to pick between “Poll”, “Quiz” and “Stream Campaign”. For brands, we recommend to pick the latter.

The first screen contains the ad creation where you can add an image or video, text and call to action (visit website, text or call). The following screens let you pick your targeting, e.g. gender, age, material status, language, location and related keywords.

To be able to run an ad, you have to buy credits in the app first (e.g. 100 credits cost $8.99). Then you pick how many credits you are willing to pay for a click – for example if you bid 1 credit per campaign interaction, it’d be equivalent of $0.10 cost per click. When all of the above is done, you just hit “Submit” and you’re ad will be live in the Stream.

Your ad will only show up if a user text something related to your product, which makes it highly targeted. Plus, it won’t feel like an ad to the user if they are looking for it.