How To Create A Bot For Your Restaurant

A chatbot is the most effective way to power your restaurant. Used well, it can replace most of your current technology and even make your staff more efficient, without needing any new equipment. The entire creation process, from sign-up to having a chatbot your customers can text, only takes about 10 minutes.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-16 at 2.01.19 PM
Interaction with the bot where a customer gets the menu, then makes the order directly through the bot in the same text message thread.
Scan code or text 208–910–6000 to start
Restaurant Bot Flow
  • Trial: 10 free user messages with the bot
  • Basic: $0.10/message for the next 100 messages
  • $0.05/message 101–10,000 messages
  • $0.03/message 10,000+ messages


  1. Sign in with your telephone number

  2. Start a custom bot flow from scratch or clone an existing one

  3. Name your bot

  4. Hit “SUBMIT BOT” to create the bot, then “DEPLOY BOT” to assign a telephone number

  5. Your bot is live and you can test it by texting the number you get assigned

  6. If you want a QR code, you can set it up here: